Decal Designs is the realisation of a business idea by Catherine Burrows. Discovering her passion and skill at transforming rooms with vinyl wall transfers she realised the potential of the business beyond just friends and family.

Starting with just the idea we worked with Catherine to create a brand, business name and online presence. We used a Wordpress template to build the website and created a simple gallery to showcase the wide variety of decal themes that are available. As the business grows, this area has the potential to be divided into theme ideas and target audience groups, such as boys, girls, and various age groups from babies to adults alike. As Catherine builds up a portfolio of work we will add case studies and client testimonials to the website.

The design itself is clean and simple and works across multiple platforms and medium. The colour palette is deliberately feminine as Catherine’s own research showed that it would be women, in the majority, that would approach her for work. However, the slide show and gallery include examples of work that would appeal to boys and girls of all ages.



We are proud to work with Catherine, providing ongoing website and marketing support, as she launches this new business and we look forward to adding her success story to our own.

Decal Designs